Thursday, October 31, 2013

There is so much to say but when I am on this page, nothing to type on...

Maybe letting go is a better way to end this relationship. All along, I knew we were not compatible, we think differently and our goal in life is totally different. We can't communicate at all, not even once. Maybe I had been forcing to try it out and see if we can accommodate to each other and be happy. I tried, so hard so that I should raise up the white flag now.

We ain't happy at all even since quarrels stacked up. Days without quarrel was like a bonus to us but we knew bonus doesn't last. After yesterday, I knew that we didn't settle things properly or even talk about it. We can't even talk it out, not at all. I believe we are both tired and clueless what to do further. Now, I admit that we are not compatible and we cannot be together and work together.

I shouldn't force us any further. I knew all along I am the one pulling us along and doesn't let you go. Whenever you agree to leave, I will do all nonsense to ask you back. You gave me all the faces in front of your friends and let everyone know that you are the one that doesn't want me to leave and I have all the power over you. Thank you, really. Don't worry now, I had prepare to let everything goes off. I don't mind how anyone look at me any more.

Let me dwell awhile and I will move on....  

Thursday, August 15, 2013


The above title is what I am feeling now and it is more on ranting on this space. Surprises had been far away from my dictionary, to say this 2 years of relationship, I did not really get any surprise from Dlove. I am not asking for it or something but okay, I simply jealous of other girlfriends who have a boyfriend that can give surprises be it fail or not or giving a little present without the girl knowing/choosing. Dlove works from Monday - Sunday and we hardly had a full day spending together without anything planned or to be done. I hate this feeling as I do want my own personal time with him which only happen when we went oversea. Had lots of ups and downs in this relationship recently and it makes us to be a little further apart from each other. I envy girls that have a loving boyfriend, I mean it does not need to be those who kept giving their girlfriends presents and surprise but a mini one like holding hand or a peck on the cheek in the public occasionally should be okay right?